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A long term safety and profitability of nuclear facilities can only be achieved by understanding the processes and being able to recognize the potential risks. There is no replacement for experience in design and operations of complex facilities. 

The best solutions are based on data, skills and long experience.

Historical appliances employing radiation

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Radiation Dosage Calculator. 

The “Radiation Dosage Calculator” was developed in early 1950’s by William Orr in Connecticut USA for the state civil defense and also sold to public for one dollar. For a given exposure rate at a given time, the calculator predicts the exposure rate decay and estimate a dose to human during a stay. 

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Atomic Energy Lab. 

The “Atomic Energy Lab” science kit from early 1960’s was produced by the American Basic Science Club and sold for $5.95. It included a spinthariscope, cloud chamber, electroscope, an alpha source (radium) and uranium ore.

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First Commercially Available Survey Meter.

One of the earliest commercially available radiation survey meters, using a cylindrical ion chamber, was introduced by the Victoreen Instrument Company in the late 1930’s.

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